Sunday , June 26 2022

Giulia De Lellis and Irama are a couple (Video)


Giulia De Lellis has a new friend after breaking up from former historian Andrea Damante. The new flame of the Roman influence is the well-known singer Irama, winner of the 2017/2018 edition of the Amici talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. The alleged flirtation between the two has already spoken in the last few days, however, the official came just a few hours ago, thanks to a statement by De Filippi. In fact, in the next episode of You are Si Que Vales, soloist Irama will be invited to present his new single for all viewers. [VIDEO]

Giulia De Lellis's girlfriend of Irama singer, Maria De Filippi speaks

The new episode of the Saturday evening program at Canale 5, You give Que Vales, was recorded today and the official program page, to attract viewers to watch the broadcast, has a few hours, published video interesting.

The movie is about singer Filippo Maria Fanti (in the art of Irama) who was invited to record the program to present the new single. The video posted on the social show, conductor Maria De Filippi telling the singer saying, "I know you were engaged, I saw someone …". At this point, the video frame moves and shows his smiling face Giulia De Lellis who, a few minutes later, arrives on the stage to greet De Filippi. [VIDEO] Here's the complete video:

Giulia and Irama: fans' reaction to social media

Users on social media have obviously reactions different about the new couple. Although the announcement was only released a few hours ago, you can already read the first negative comments: users' suggestions actually do not appreciate the new love story between De Lellis and the winning singer of Amici and accusing them of doing everything for business and notoriety.

In order to appear as the killers of the couple, there are also some Damellis, or Giulia's fans Andrea Damante. In fact, many of them hoped to see a retrospection between the two former men and women. Many other users, on the contrary, have appreciated the new couple, eager to love and wish them best. Many fans of both characters have also defined the new two newborns Ferragnez (a name to define the couple between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, very popular on social media), because Giulia De Lellis is a very popular girl on Instagram.

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