Monday , March 20 2023

here are the two 50GB deals at a cost of € 6.99


Special offers Vodafone TIM

The two undisputed leaders at this moment of mobile phone are undoubtedly Vodafone Tim. Both have collided with each other for many years to reach the largest number of customers.

To reach the ultimate goal, which will become the number one phone and at the same time a benchmark for many customers, both Vodafone and Tim have decided to adapt to cheaper phone operators by launching low-priced phone deals, and has not seen it before.

The offers that we will present are: Vodafone Special Minutes 50GB and Tim Iron 50GB.

Vodafone Special Minutes 50GB and Tim Iron 50GB

By lowering the monthly price and increasing the number of minutes and contests available, this is the new strategy adopted by both Vodafone and Tim. The two offers I have quoted fully reflect this feature and both correspond to the same number of available thresholds and the monthly price.

It should also be noted that the two offers belong to the list of operators' attacks and therefore activation is limited only to customers from some mobile operators.

offer Vodafone Special Minutes 50GB offers unlimited minutes to make calls to all national numbers and 50 participations in 4G for cost 6.99 euros each month. It can be activated by Iliada, Kena Mobile, PosteMobile and many other virtual operators.

Also, offer Tim Iron 50GB offers unlimited minutes at all 50 concerts in 4G for the cost 6.99 euros. Similarity with previous offer is also found in home operators, in fact activation is dedicated to Iliad customers and various virtual operators.

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