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Juventus-Manchester United: Ronaldo's splendid bay is not enough for the Allianz stadium


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In a wonderful atmosphere,Allianz Stadium, the fourth day of Champions League who sees one in front of the other Juventus-Manchester United.

L & # 39;ex Pogba is met with applause and one standing ovation from his old audience. Many fans are looking forward to returning to Turin. The French player, with a very nice past behind the Juventus club, is loved by everyone, but for the time being Vice President Nedved suggested he will talk about it in the future.

Allegri uses a 4-3-3, with Szczęsny to defend the poles; starting from the right wing of Sciglio, flanked by Bonucci and Chiellini and Alex Sandro on the left wing; middle with Khedira, Pjanić and Bentancur; in attack the triad formed by Cuadrado, Dybala and C.Ronaldo.

The weather is warm and Mourinho demands high pressure on his people.
After 4 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo strikes the ball but his teammates stop a hat trick.

After a first time with few emotions, at 65 is Ronaldo to unlock and score the 121st goal in the Champions League.
minute 86th & # 39;However, Mata equaled Red Devils and destroyed Juve's good moment, which for 86 minutes dominated her.
At 90, it is obvious that the collapse of the owners, signing an autograph in Bonucci's hands, affects Alex Sandro's last touch.
After the triple whistle Mourinho provokes and answers Juventus fans, which he himself claims to have insulted him for all ninety minutes.
An astonishing match ends, in which Juventus failed to close the match and finally paid, but remains at the top of the 9-point ranking despite bitter defeat.

These are the words of Juventus coach in the post: "We have to accept this defeat and, above all, let us do it."
Then commend the handshake with Mourinho: "I have my reactions, it has his own. I do not judge what others do, I can only judge what my team did on the field. our problem is not able to bring the matches on 2-0, 3-0.

Juve, this one so far he has not had any goals in the Champions League and suffers first on the set, then a defeat on the lack of defense: "You have to be careful, you can not believe that a team that uses inactive balls is the best they can do, never sign.
Mata is a great kicker and we know him. "

On number 9, who seems to have finally been released, he said: "Ronaldo made a nice goal and Bonucci was a good helper, but unfortunately it was not the way we wanted. Destiny is still in our hands, because we managed to revert the result again and we probably lost to Manchester and we won today. We have the opportunity to get qualified early and safe! The regret is that it was a match that Juventus could have closed earlier. "

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