Thursday , March 30 2023

Kings of Crime, Felice Maniero Interviewed by Saviano: "In Prison I Prefer Mafia Terrorists" – Repubblica TV


The series conceived, written and led by Roberto Saviano "The Kings of Crime" begins again at Nove. On Wednesday, November 14 at 9.15, Felice Maniero, the bandit, nicknamed "The Face of an Angel," is said for the first time in a long and exclusive television interview, in which he pursues his entire life. Between the mid-1970s and the mid-1990s, no criminal could enter Veneto without Maniero's consent, who treated on an equal footing with the most powerful Cosa Nostra, Camorra and Ndrangheta chiefs. Escaping two maximum security prisons, convicted of being associated with the mafia and seven crimes, he was also known for his passion for a good life spent between yachts and swimming pools. In 1994 he decided to become a collaborator of justice, revealing the secrets of his organization and making many enemies. Today, after executing the sentence, he lives as a free man with a new identity

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