Saturday , October 1 2022

Little Matilde died at the age of 11, thanks to her Cro parents and pediatricians


PORDENONE. It is an avalanche of love and closeness that has flowed, especially through social networks, to the family of Matilde Ventura, the 11-year-old girl, who disappeared due to a tumor. The funeral will be celebrated on Monday morning, at 10 am, in the co-cathedral of San Marco.

Despite facing such a difficult test, Matilde’s parents want to thank those who have followed their child for the last two years: “The youth area of ​​Cro di Aviano, the entire team of Dr. Maurizio Mascarin and Dr. Elisa Coassin in particular. “The same recognition applies to” pediatric home care at Pordenone Hospital. In addition to great professionalism, we have found great humanity in all health personnel. “

Among the most emotional memories of Matilde is that of teacher Laura Cimetta. “His dream was to see the Northern Lights, which is also mine. Now I know that if and when I go there one day, in one of those dancing green lights, I will see Matilda. Matilda in childhood, but with the lucidity of an adult.

Matilde, who was planning her geography study, apologized for having to teach German. Matilde who did not want to take online lessons so as not to be seen on the screen with a swollen face in which she does not recognize herself. Matilde who, in order to continue reading Little Ponies, agreed to see us on the video call, even if her eyes were tired. I wanted to hold her, to hug her with every word she said because the effort she was making was extraordinary. No vote could have ever evaluated such a dedication. “

“Matilde, I hope that up there in your new world,” the professor writes, “as you wrote, there are ‘clouds of Chantilly cream, biscuit houses and chocolate fountains, powder snow with snow, and pancake mattresses.’ I look at the snowy mountains and I think they taste like cakes, as you would have liked ». –


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