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Mediterranean diet, longevity menu, but stay away from meals – Foods


The Mediterranean diet continues to be an antidote for the lord and elixir of longevity, but it is hard to get to meals, especially those in the big cities. The alarm comes with the latest edition of ExpoSalus and Nutrition Rome, an event involving citizens and health professionals at Fiera di Roma. Star Chefs and operators in this sector, in contrast, have expressed concern about the difficulty of easily recovering the ingredients that are part of the diet proposed by the diet becoming the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO Humanity, besides reporting a emptying the content behind the meaning of the Mediterranean diet. "The problem – says star chef Cristina Bowerman, with several catering establishments in the capital, is not just the cost of proposing a menu of Mediterranean diet products, but also of availability and logistics. The model to be followed – says the Ambassador of the President – must be that of the country's chef, which naturally has more ease in recovering the ingredients they have on the ground, but at the same time, the chief of the big cities must be put in the condition of logistical platforms and can implement a market liberalization farmers, thinking about possible tax cuts ".
From a strictly nutritional point of view, Giuseppe Scapagnini, clinical biochemist at the University of Molise and director of the Rome ExpoSalus promoter, underlines the problem that the message "Mediterranean diet" has been emptied of content, linking the concept of marketing and neglect of values ​​first nutritional aspects of food, forgetting to emphasize them more closely on food labels "(ANSA).


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