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Nokia 106-2018, the real mobile phone returns with autonomy for almost a month


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Boom Cheap smartphone rates of these months has once again confirmed what we have known for some time now: when we talk about mobile today, we mean mainly advanced touchscreen devices with Internet access (now always permanently) and featured with many features, the ability to to download apps from stores.

Is there no room for the "classic" phones of the past? In fact, something new can be found today among so-called feature phones and one of the latest versions comes from the legendary brand Nokia, which last year officially returned to the market thanks to its collaboration with HMD Global: its name is Nokia 106.

The Finnish group does not want to focus solely on Android devices but relaunches a commercial product for all who need one basic terminal, without too much functionality, exceptional and concrete autonomy. The Nokia 106 2018 can be an ideal phone for those who do not need a smartphone, but also for those who need a forklift or a second mobile phone to use with a sim sim.

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Main technical features

But what does Nokia 106 2018 restyling offer? Here is a summary of the main technical specifications of this device:

  • resistant polycarbonate shell;

  • microUSB connectivity, headphone jack, FM radio;
  • 1.8-inch TFT display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels;
  • the alphanumeric physical keypad placed under the screen;
  • MTK 6261D processor and 4 MB RAM;
  • internal storage that can be stored 2000 contacts and 500 SMS messages;
  • function lantern integrated
  • classic pre-installed games and some available in the "try-and-buy" version, such as Snake, Tetris, Nitro Racing, Danger Dash, etc …

As can be seen from the list, Nokia 106 follows the business philosophy of "cell phoneless" forgotten business, without brioches. In an increasingly social and connected world, it almost makes you smile no access to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even camera profiles but, as I have already written, this product targets certain groups of users and basic uses.

Autonomy at the top

One of the main features of this product, perhaps most importantly, is certainly autonomy: thanks to Nokia 106 2018, in fact, you can have almost 16 hours of talk time and even 21 days of stand-by. By using it, you will almost forget to recharge, eventually freeing yourself from the slavery of the bank and the power.

In short, with this move Nokia is once again following the idea of ​​not wanting to abandon the world of essential phones and want to give a second life to historical models, as it was, in fact, even 106. If you need a reliable mobile phone , which lasts over time, which has an exaggerated autonomy, maybe a second mobile phone or simply because you do not need a smartphone or want to detox it, remember this terminal. It could even be a nice and useful Christmas gift which will make you spend very little.

Cost and launch

Nokia 106 2018, in fact, will have a a the market price of $ 18, which are equivalent, according to the current exchange rate, a under 16 euros: the figure for the European market could vary but taking into account the similar recently launched terminals (Nokia 105, for example), in any case, should not exceed 25-30 euros in total. The only available color at the launch time will be elegant and classic Dark grey: We do not know yet if other releases will be released at launch. Arrival in stores is scheduled for next week.

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