Friday , March 31 2023

Piedmontean nobleman Luigi Rossi di Montelera died, 45 years ago he was kidnapped by the Corleone family


Goodbye Luigi Rossi of Montelera, an exponent of a noble family of Piedmontese, died in Valle d'Aosta, where he was on a hunting trip. He was hit by a heart attack and was transported to helicopter rescue at the Aosta hospital, died shortly after admission.

Industrial, business manager, politician, was 72 years old. These days, 45 years ago, he was kidnapped by bandits linked to the Corleone; he was released after four months in March 1974.

The son of Count Napoleone Rossi di Montelera and Countess Niccolletta Piccolini, after graduating from Torino in Law, started his family business, Martini & Rossi, until he became vice president and, with the transfer of Bacardi property, the president of the new Bacardi- Martini. President of Confindustria Piemonte and director of Cassa di Risparmio in Turin, was a Christian Democrat member from 1976-1992 and a sub-secretary for tourism and entertainment in the governments of Goria and De Mita.

Luigi Rossi di Montelera held top positions in Federvini and the National Federation of Food Industry. More recently, he also chaired the European Regional Bank. Disease of the Rhemes-Notre-Dame Valley; The bodyguard managed to take him to the nearest shelter and give the alarm, but salvation was useless. Leave his wife Maria Giulia Malvezzi Campeggi and three children: Niccoletta, Anna Maria and Leone.


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