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Quality of Life: Bolzano's first city, Rome collapses in the ranking


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The research focuses on virtuous patterns, critical issues, and changes taking place in the provinces and main areas of the country. The capital drops from seventh to 85th in the rankings


Bolzano is the city you live best in Italy, followed by Trento and Belluno. Rome, with a clear jump back, is in 85th place, losing 22 compared to 2017. Venice too bad. Milan is ranked 55th, rising by two "steps". Set Napoli (third) and Palermo (106th place). Vibo Valentia bright tail.

In short, the South Tirol Province, as it was in 2017, confirms the place of the best experiences. It is clear from the study "The Quality of Life" in the Italian provinces made by Italy Oggi with La Sapienza University in Rome, now in its 20th edition.

The province, with slower and more polite rhythms, with the utmost care of territory and good administration, is again ahead, just like last year.

The research focuses on virtuous patterns, critical issues, and changes taking place in the provinces and main areas of the country. There are nine "grids" of analysis: business and work environment, crime, social and personal difficulties, population, financial and educational services, health, leisure, and life, with 21 dimensions below and 84 indicators Basic.

Fourth to tenth are all cities that recovered from last year, except one, Treviso, which moved from sixth to ninth. In fourth place, Siena, who recovered seven positions (was eleventh), followed by Pordenone, who moved from ninth to fifth and from Parma, who won a position towards 2017 (seventh).

Aosta and Sondrio are on the rise, respectively at 7th and 8th, starting with 18th and 16th of the last edition. Tenth Cuneo, who won three positions. 2018 is the year of confirmations of both performance and trends that emerged in previous surveys: from the contraction of the North-South contrast in terms of good quality, it is related to economic well-being, the widening of the gap between small centers where you live better ) and large urban centers where life is always a little more difficult.

This phenomenon is witnessed, among other things, by the sudden slump of the capital, which has fallen from 67 / o to 85 / o in the ranking. Also in Bari (from 96 / o to 103 / o) and Florence (from 37 / o to 54 / o). However, in regional capitals the quality of life has increased, with the exception of seven cities. Besides Bari and Florence, in Catanzaro (from 92 to 95), in L Aquila (from 68 to 72), in Potenza, who lost 20 posts (now 64) similar to Venice (at 62 / o from 41st place). Rome has already stated that Turin has lost a position, and is 78th. On the other hand, the quality of life in Naples (108) and Palermo (106) remained stable at the same levels as in 2017.

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Overall, a little better: in 2018 there are 59 of the 110 provinces where the quality of life was good or acceptable, compared to 56 in 2016 and 2017: these are the best data recorded over the last five years. The situation in the north-west and the Mezzogiorno is stable, with a clear improvement of the situation in the north-east and central (apart from Rome). The best performances are the small cities: excellent positions in Siena, Pordenone, Parma, Aosta, Sondrio, Treviso and Cuneo. Treviso, in particular, is the safest province in Italy. Trento, Bolzano and Bologna the most positive realities for business and work. Parma, Siena, Trento and Piacenza those with the best financial and scholastic offer; Isernia, Pisa, Ancona, Siena and Milan with the most efficient health system.

Black coat for Calabrian Vibo Valentia at the end of the Catania, Naples, Syracuse and Palermo ranges: five provinces rich in architectural and natural beauty, yet unable to make the jump in quality.

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