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Quotations and spreads on November 8, 2018


10.02 – Quarterly trains PIAZZA AFFARI

The Milan Stock Exchange continues to grow, gaining 0.3 percent to 19,605 points. Investors look optimistic in the quarterly season. The bank sector with Banco Bpm was positive (+ 7.4%), which is flying higher than expected. The distribution between BTP and Bund returns to 290 points, and the Italian 10-year yield was 3.36%. In red unicredit (-1.3%), after accounts showing a net profit of 2.16 billion euros, they fell by 53.7 points compared to the same period of 2017 (+ 4.7% adjusted ). It also dropped from Tim (-0.7%) on board day, and Mediaset (-1.2%). The increase (+ 4.7%) ended the nine months of the year with a profit of 1.05 billion euros (+ 45.9%) and the group that confirmed a dividend of 0.44 euros, 5% more compared to the previous year. Banks show MPS (+ 1.3%), Bper (+ 1.2%) and Fineco (+ 1.1%). In the light of the energy sector, with Saipem (+ 1.2%), Snam (+ 0.4%), the new strategic plan and Eni (+ 0.2%)


European stock markets are opening up on Wall Street. Among investors there is an air of optimism after a mid-term vote in the United States and considering the end-of-month meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping to find a solution on the commercial front. The ECB's Economic Bulletin is scheduled today. The euro against the dollar is at 1.1437 in London. The stoxx 600 index is advancing by 0.43%. Good Frankfurt (+ 0.43%), London (+ 0.19%), Paris (+ 0.18%) and Madrid (+ 0.16%).


Unicredit sells 2% to 11.55 euros after the first nine months of the year, with a net profit of 2.16 billion euros, down by 53.7 euros for the same period in 2017 (+4.7 euro) adjusted) , with decisive non-recurring shares in the third quarter, which posted profits of 29 million euros. Post, on the other hand, flies with advances of 3.9% to 6.95 euros, after the first nine months, with a net profit of 1.05 billion (+ 45.9%) and in the third quarter 321 million (+ 50%). For the year 2018, the group confirmed a dividend of € 0.44 per share, with an annual growth of 5%, and a program to bring Solvency II's solidity ratio from 172% in September to about 210% proactive measures capital management.

9.08 – MILAN WINS WINNING: + 0.18%.

Start positive for the Milan Stock Exchange. The first Ftse Mib index shows an increase of 0.18% to 19,576 points.


The difference between BTP and Bund has a value of approximately 290. The difference between the two bonds amounts to 290.1 ​​basis points versus 288 on November 7. The yield is 3.36%.


The Tokyo Stock Exchange ended the session sharply after the US stock market rally, backed by the results of the midterm elections in the United States. Nikkei advanced 1.58% to 22,486.92 with a gain of more than 400 points. In the forex market, the yen is unchanged at 113.60 dollars and the single currency at 129.80.

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