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Restructuring, Energy Saving: The Enea site is online


Restructuring, Energy Saving: The Enea site is online

Since yesterday afternoon, the ENEA website is finally on-line for environmental tax exemptions. The portal was built due to the agreement between the Missions and the Revenue Agency and was presented by the President of ENEA Testa and Undersecretary of Economic Development Crippa. The Enea site was created for forward the data on the interventions buildings and technologies benefiting from the restructuring bonus, but considering the use of renewable sources and / or energy savings.

Restructuring, saving energy: sending data

Data transmission must be done in one 90-day limit which starts from the date of completion of the works or the test, and for the works already completed, the 90-day term started yesterday.

Restructuring, interventions that are subject to the obligation

To further facilitate the forwarding of information, Enea, together with Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Economic Development, have developed the "Rapid Transmission Guide" with useful information for data transmission. Moreover, Enea specified that the interventions related to the obligation to send are the following:

insulation of opaque structures.
joinery including programs.
Appliances, but only if they are connected to a building restoration project as of 1 January 2017, such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, electric baths, washing machines and scrubs.
– Install or replace technological such as solar collectors, heat generators with condensing boilers, hybrid systems, heat pumps, microgenerators (On <50kWe), biomass heat generators, water heaters for heat pumps, photovoltaic systems. heat measurement systems, thermoregulation systems and building automation.

Also read ENEA Energy Saving Practices, a dedicated ecobon portal

The new Enea website, the words of Crippa

Undersecretary for Economic Development, Crippa, in this regard, said: "The data that taxpayers will have to send they should not be considered as a simple bureaucracy but they are a fundamental element for assessing the effectiveness of the energy efficiency policies implemented by the Government and reducing energy consumption and related emissions2 in our country, which contributes to the more general objectives of the EU ".

Furthermore, continuing with his speech, he added: "For this reason, we demand the full cooperation of those who have intervened, taking advantage of state incentives, sending data to ENEA. In addition to the obligation under the law, it is a duty for those who take care of their country and future generations. In addition, we invite industry operators to actively participate in helping citizens by informing themand provide them with the data to be sent Enea ".

Finally, President Enea Federico Testa pointed out that "with this initiative, citizens' support tools are strengthened so that they can simply and directly benefit from the opportunity offered by this tax deduction. wanted contains as much as possible the necessary steps". Finally, he concluded: "As a National Agency for Energy Efficiency, ENEA will continue to collect and make available all the information on energy savings achieved through this incentive measure."

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