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Stock market indices and spreads on November 15, 2018


Another bad day Piazza Affari, However November 15th he closed his limits session making a little worse than the others European exchanges. index Ftse Mib, after falling to -0.67% at midnight, the afternoon increased to -1.3% and then closed at -0.9% to 18,905, while FTSE All declined 0.88% to 20,790. Through the main titles, the worst was Prysmian, down 5.1% on nine months, followed by Moncler and Buzzi (-3.4%), with Leonardo which generated 3.2%. FCA lost the last 1.3%, while among the banks, Pack Closed with 1.2% e Unicredit half a point. 0.8% reduction Tim who does not seem to follow the election events of the new CEO, flat Mediaset (+ 0.2%), up 1.2% Pirelli after accounts. In the lower capitalization basket, down 5% final Carigali and also Mondadori after quarterly. 3.7% negative mps. Counter Salini Impregilo (+ 1.7%) after accounts and before formalising the non – binding bid for Astaldi. Poor European markets: London ended with 0.06%, Paris decreasing by 0.70% e Frankfurt decreasing by 0.52%. Okay American price lists which ended with Dow Jones to + 0.84% ​​and Nasdaq to + 1.72%.


spread between BTP and Bund ended up to 313 basis points (compared to 309 yesterday), after reaching a maximum of 318 points. yield of Italian stock at 10 years is 3.48%.


Stock Exchange Tokyo trade slows down, investors fearing additional repercussions on financial markets, from correction to Wall Street – especially technology, uncertainty Brex, the slowdown in 2009 China and the outlook for higher interest rates in the US. index Nikkei the yield is 0.20% at close to an altitude of 21803.62. On the forex market, the yen slightly strengthened against the dollar to 113.50 and against the euro to 128.60. Chinese bags, despite the start, they manage to close the session with good winnings after the final rally: the index composite of Shanghai rises by 1.36% to 2,668.17 points, while the one in Shenzhen marks a 1.45% gain, ending at highs during the day at an altitude of 1.398,40.

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