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the most beloved of the throne over


Renata Di Ancona died, mourning for men and women: she was the most beloved on the throne over

Fuck you a Men and women. She died Renata Di Ancona, the beloved protagonist of the Upper Throne of the popular Channel 5 Channel by Maria De Filippi. "On your feet, so …. Like your life suit … You're gone … Now wherever you are … Give me your light … I love your mother"These are the moving words with which the ad was announced death the son of Carlito Brigante Facebook.

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"Hi my good aunt … God has you in glory! Now you have reached your beloved husband and your loved ones! Protect your beloved child and all of you with the same determination and the same smile that you have always confronted with your life … you will stay forever in my heart … and in all who have met you! Hello, Miss Simpatie, a kiss wherever you are!"He wrote other family members Renata. So many messages from condolence have arrived in social networks just minutes from the ad.

Over the years, Ms. Renata Di Ancona for Men and Women has known how to be loved by the audience and give a lot of laughter during throne over. She had become one of the most popular faces along with Rosetta, who also disappeared with Giuseppe.

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