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The woman attacked with acid and was stabbed in a restaurant in Civitanova: it is serious


The woman attacked with acid in the street and stabbed: it is serious

Idle of jealousy, she throws acidity in front of her girlfriend, a night dancer, then stabbed him twice in the bathroom of a restaurant where the woman was taking refuge. The protagonist of aggression took place late afternoon in front of numerous witnesses in the center of Civitanova Marche, a 32-year-old Macedonian farmer in Italy, then arrested by Squadra Mobile of Macerata, based on a murder trial. The victim of the 30-year-old Romanian woman has reached the left eye of the corrosive fluid, which would not compromise her vision and urgently operated at the hospital due to a bleeding caused by severe injuries in the abdomen and the upper back of her neck. Among the witnesses Ms Ms Mirella Emiliozzi.

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The woman now would not be in danger of living due to the success of surgery. "He destroyed my life, I had to kill her," cried the man in front of clients of "Tuna and Salmonè" restaurant in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, after giving the young Romanian two stab wounds. Shortly before the two of them had a violent quarrel near a bridge on Via Indipendenza. For 32 years he launched a bottle against the acidic woman. He had not completely avoided the liquid, some of which had touched his eye. Then he fled and fled, with tears, into the bathroom of the nearest restaurant to rinse. However, there the Macedonian arrived and stabbed her.

At that point, perhaps the intervention of local waiters would have been providential, and would distract the attacker by allowing the immediate police officers to block him and prevent him from escaping. The old 32-year-old have long been questioned by the mobsters of the Macerata group, directed by Maria Raffaella Abbate, to rebuild the facts, the dynamics and the reason. It seems the relationship between the two has been quite stormy lately. This is probably due to the feelings of jealousy that the Macedonians have struck against the girl and because of her work. So much to induce a man is one of the circumstances that investigators continue to investigate, present themselves to a friend armed with acid and a knife to show at the height of the fifth dispute.

Near the place of aggression in those moments was Ms civitanovese deputy Mirella Emiliozzi. "I do not care about nationality," he commented, "these are things that should not happen, and that's all, because no matter the reason why it is not justified to use such violence, we can not conceive of"

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