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Weather Flooding rainy | Rivers | November 6, 2018 | Pancalieri | Balangero


Some problems occurred on the night of today, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, because of the rain that continues to fall across the province.

Major problems arise in the Pinerolo plain, especially at the border between the provinces of Turin and Cuneo. During the night, the 207 provincial road between Pancalieri and Faule was closed due to Po floods, which was overtaken in the morning, invading the road. Also in Carignano and Moncalieri, the situation is monitored, even if the risk of floods now seems remote.

Between Cavour and Barge, the former State Road 589 was closed in the night due to the flooding of the Ghiandone stream. However, the situation has improved and the reopening was arranged in the morning.

Two landslides in the Lanzo area

Two landslides took place in the Lanzo area: one in the Bettole di Balangero region and one in the Monastero di Lanzo. Both stations are underway to make the situation safe and restore the road system.

Prognosis: day of heavy rains

Today's weather forecasts are not positive. Explosive rains are expected throughout the country. The situation should be improved tomorrow.


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