Sunday , May 29 2022 The amazing sale at the end of the year is cheap (1/3) since December 7, Echo Spot, etc.


Updated on November 20, 2018, 19:30

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On Nov. 20, Amazon announced that it will host a big "Cyber ​​Monday" sale for over 80 hours. The period is from 18 December 7 to 1:59 on 11 December.

The company says the last big sale this year and hundreds of thousands of items for sale are being prepared. Mr. Koji Suzuki, Director of Amazon Japan Consumer Marketing General Director, said that "we have almost all the categories dealing with Amazon, TV, home appliances, gastronomy, design furniture, kitchen utensils, fashion items,

Hiroshi Suzuki

Here is the element whose sale program is revealed in advance.

In casePresentation pageIt is open, and you can search for other items of sale.

Limited set articles with experience as well

The sale is divided into two in general, as usual. "Special Sale in Time," which manages carefully selected popular articles focusing around four or more stars in customer reviews and stockpiles, and "limited-time selling" selling a wide range of products in main food and daily needs.

Special Smart Speakers with "Amazon Echo Spot" display and best-selling on Prime Day in 2018, such as "Fire TV Stick" will appear at the time of sale.

In addition, prepare more than 20 pre-release products and limited items such as "Cyber ​​Monday Memorial Release". Apart from the high rarity value, such as 300 limited brandy, Velfire with accommodation ticket and LEGO incentive with programming course, etc. are also sold with experience and fixed items.

For the first members, "If you do not hurry," regular shipping "~ first member only Amazon gift points campaign" will be implemented. If you choose regular delivery during Cyber ​​Day, you get 30 points in a single order. Mr. Suzuki says, "There are clients who do not have to deliver right now," he says, "To meet the different needs of different clients, it is not an external policy" to the end I pointed out that it is for.

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