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Minister Sakurada "Excellent judgment I", Minister Katayama In addition, the report on income and expenditure …


Minister Sakurada "Excellent judgment I am", Minister Katayama In addition, the income and expenditure report …

Updates: 2018-11-21 18: 14

Minister Sakurada, who reported the news that he responded "the last time I never used a personal computer" last week. The opposition party has again questioned its qualities.

"There are great doubts around the world that it is inappropriate as a minister of security" (Takeshi Saiti, House of Representatives of the National Democratic Party of Japan)
"I think my name has been known to the world, I think I have become famous except that it is good or bad" (Yoshitaka Sakurada Olympics)

Moreover, Minister Sakurada said that "cyber security measures are the ones that give the nation total power" and we have begun to respond to such a bullish situation.

"It's my job to make a judge by collecting different skills together and I think I'm remarkable in court, I do not doubt the skills" (Okinawa Sakurada Olympics)

Meanwhile, Minister Katayama is worried about the name of the company whose political organization has paid the rent, has been in trouble …

"Looking at the earnings and expenditure ratio, it becomes a company called the" honest company "(constitutional Democratic Party; the House of Representatives of the Masato Imai Citizens Club)
"In error" Neost "is" Neost "" (Katsuyama Satsuki Local Minister of Creation)
"It turns into a statement of income" Honestly, "you're wrong, are not you?
"I'm sorry if I made a mistake now …" (Local Creative Committee Katsuyama Satsuki)
"You're wrong, are not you?" (Congresman / Imai Representative)

Representative Imai criticized that "everything is full of money," "a minister will not serve." Minister Katayama could once again correct the report on income from political funds. (21:16:36)

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