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UPDATE 1 – Nissan Unanimously Sacks President Ghosn = Extraordinary Board |


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Nissan Motor announced it has decided to dismiss President and Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn at the extraordinary meeting of the board of directors on May 22. He also decided to reject Greg Kelly's representative. The resolution was unanimous.

Nissan pointed out that it was resolved this time because it confirmed a serious misconduct led by suspect Gon as a result of the internal investigation.

Specifically, 1) for a long period of time, in order to reduce its own remuneration, the amount reduced by less than the actual amount of the compensation was mentioned in the Securities Report; 2) I misrepresented the purpose I spent in mind Nissan's investment funds and 3) I spent Nissan's expenses for private purposes – illegal acts.

Kelly also explains that this case will be considered brain.

Regarding the next president, it is also announced that a committee (chairman: Mr. Toyoda) composed of three external directors, Mr. Masakazu Toyoda, Keiko Ihara and Mr. Jambaptiste Duzan, propose candidates from current directors.

In addition to confirming that the partnership with the Renault alliance remains unchanged, we are also considering setting up a third commission on governance structure and remuneration. With regard to the establishment of this committee, the three external directors mentioned above will be considered.

Kazuhiko Tamaki, Maki Shiraki

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