Friday , March 31 2023

US Federal Reserve Boards to review monetary policy management methods next year


NEW YORK, April 15 (Reuters) – Federal Reserves have announced on Wednesday that they will analyze in detail how monetary policy will be managed next year. We organize meetings to hear opinions not only from market participants and from academics, but also from various stakeholders, including the general public, in the United States.

Powell's Federal Reserve Chairman said in a statement he is close to reaching the inflation target and the employment target: "It is a good time to reconsider how the Fed's monetary policy is formulated, implemented and communicated."

As part of the review process, the Federal Reserve plans to host several events, including a research conference at the Federal Reserve Bank in June next year. Fed officials will speak about the opinions obtained in mid-next year and summarize the report.

By reviewing, something is not hired.

However, depending on the outcome, it is possible that the tools the Fed has used to achieve its objectives and how the Federal Bureau will communicate political intentions in public and financial markets will be changed.

US President Trump publicly criticized the gradual increase in the Fed's rate of pay, as rising borrowing costs threaten economic expansion.

Powell's unprecedented announcement is behind President's intention to speed up efforts to improve transparency and accountability that the Fed has continued for many years to prevent such political intervention.

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