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Voice alert has reached 50%, the vote rejected the referendum "Changing the name of the city", Hyogo · Sasayama City | MBS Kansai News


The vote of the inhabitants reached 50% of the vote and asked for the "change of the city name" to vote, Hyogo · Sasayama City

Updates: 2018/11/18 18: 29

In the town of Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture, a referendum was held on the pros and cons of changing the name of the city and a vote for the mayor's election following the resignation of the mayor.

In August of this year, Sasayama announced a policy of changing the city's name to "Tamba Sasayama," citizens groups gathered more than 10,000 signatures, as "renewal should ask citizens for approval or disapproval". referendum is taking place this day. The voting rate reached 50%, which is the standard of voting until 13:00 and voting was decided on the evening of 18.

"Now (Tanba and Sasayama are confused), I'm pleased" (Male of Citizen Shinoyama)
"I'm sorry to write Tanba Shinoyama, Sasayama is good" (a woman from Sasayama)

In addition, the vote was made along with the election of the mayor who accompanied the resignation of the former mayor who promoted the renaming, both former mayor and former mayor Takaaki Sakai (64) and former municipal councilor, Mr. Murai Okui 60) run for candidacy. The vote will be closed at 20:00 and the result will be known on the evening of 18.

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