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[종합] "Invisible" Lee Kyung-jin, first visit to the amusement park for the first time "Challenge was great": Sports Chosun


[스포츠조선 조윤선 기자] Actor Lee Kyung-jin has revealed his impressions of appearing in "Burning Youth."

At SBS 'Burning Youth, on the 13th night, the last part of the Chungcheong tournament, scheduled by Kang Kyung Heon and Lee Yeon-su, took place.

On this day, Yang Sung Kyung surprised the youth hostel. "I was wondering who my new friend was, but I could not even imagine my sister was there." She was several times when she was a child.

Before that, Lee Kyung-jin was a favorite singer singing Yang Sung-kyung and regretted that he could not travel together on this trip. So, Yang Su Kyung was surprised by his new friend.

Lee Kyung-jin and Yang Sue-kyung, who have met for a long time, were glad to hear their gaze. Especially Yang Kyung-gyung, "I have not changed," admired Lee Kung-jin's beauty. Then Lee Kyung-jin said, "I have to manage it because I did not have much time to work until I was 70." I have to be careful when I'm good at driving, and when I get sick, I eat well and when I'm very good, I definitely feel better. "

Lee Kyung-jin said, "I feel like I have a chance to look back at my life, I was grateful for work, health and relationships and everything was renewed," said dwaeteum live.

Yang Suk-kyung, on the other hand, prepared a morning for young people like "Uncontrolled Mother". Mugs of beans cooked in mackerel and various side dishes were served at the Korean buffet.

On the other hand, Kang Kyung Heon's long and orderly schedule, and Lee Yeon-soo, The Honey Tour, was a playground opened in 1975 and a stroller where you can enjoy racing.

Lee Kyung-jin is moving, "I feel like going on a school trip during high school," he said. "I think the challenge is significant even if the result is not as good as what I thought," he said shortly.

After that, the young people who arrived at the playground laughed out as if they were concentric. In particular, Lee Kyung-jin, who confessed to visiting the first amusement park for the first time in his life, was difficult at first. He also sang songs together with his singing voice.

Finally, when asked about the playground tour, Lee Kyung-jin said: "I really enjoyed making the challenge of coming here and having a good night with good friends in the fall."

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