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Seon Hye-seon relatives, known, building the wife's foundation, 9 → 10 → 14
The cultural conglomerate "I think I will have one or two … I did not know there are so many"

Seon Hye-won "If the report is true, turn the treasury of the property … lives"

SBS reported that the number of buildings bought by relatives and acquaintances of Sung Hye-won lawmaker and husband-owned foundations reached 14, while they were "suspected of speculating about real estate in the history and modern culture of Mokpo." When the first suspicion of Mokpo speculation was lifted on October 15, there were nine parliamentary buildings. A total of 10 more were confirmed the previous day, and the Son said he had four more.

According to SBS, Son said: "The number of Sohn-related buildings has grown to 14 in 1.5 km from the modern historic and cultural space of Mokpo. There are eight buildings in the area, all belong to a foundation owned by her husband. buildings are purchased by nearby people, including relatives and acquaintances.

In August last year, Seon Hye-won, who appeared in the Mokpo MBC broadcasting program that promotes Mokpo's growth in Jeollanam-do, is a Democratic Party member. Chang's evolution was remodeled as a guest house after three people, including Son's nephew, bought him together.

11 of the 14 were purchased by the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration on behalf of "Mokpo Modern History and Culture Space" in the Mangho-dong and Yudal-dong area of ​​Mokpo in August last year, he said.

As more than 10 buildings are linked to the House of Representatives, the Cultural Heritage Administration has the voice that needs to be embarrassed. An official from the Cultural Heritage Administration told SBS: "I was surprised to see whether I was new or not, although there is not one or two in the department."

An official of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, who directly promoted the street's cultural heritage, stressed: "The method of purchasing the buildings by the Son is not the same as public sentiment and business purpose." Within the Cultural Heritage Administration, there are about 14 buildings linked to the legislator's hand. "There is concern that some people will take advantage," he said. .[19659010;

It is revealed that the Son has a total of 14 buildings in "Modern History and Cultural Space" in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, registered as a cultural asset.

In response to these statements, Son said in a Facebook post tonight, explaining the time and details of the building purchase. "Crosspoint Foundation (the husband's representative)" There is no designated cultural property in this building and I have not received any money from anywhere in the country or in the Mokpo City, "he said.

Sohn said: "I will resign from the National Assembly as well as the entire property (if the report is true) on Facebook," he said.

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