Sunday , April 2 2023

Congo "The latest epidemic of Ebola, the worst"


Congo Ebola was the worst in Congo history, the Congolese Ministry of Health announced yesterday (local time).

In Congo, 319 people with Ebola virus infections have been identified since August 1, when ebola was confirmed and 198 died. Among the deaths, 163 confirmed that they had died from Ebola virus infection, while the other 35 were not confirmed, but they are believed to be infected with Ebola.

Congo had 10 outbreaks of Ebola virus since the first Ebola virus infection in Yambok in 1976.

"The epidemic of the Ebola virus facing Congo is now the most complicated thing in the world," Health Minister Oli Ryungka Kalenga said recently that the incidence of Ebola virus infection is much higher than in the past.

Ebola virus has been found in two states, eastern Congo, eastern Congo and North Kivu, rich in natural resources, and attacks by armed groups are common in these areas, making it difficult to prevent ebola.

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