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2016 Olympic Liu Olympic Guidance Paul, who won the silver medal of 66 kg. Hankyoreh photo

2016 Olympic Liu Olympic Guidance Paul, who won the silver medal of 66 kg. Hankyoreh photo

An-Paul (24-year-old Namyangju City Hall), who is known to have erroneously presented some of the KCTU's volunteer service activities, was removed from the village of Jincheon Athletic Village.
The Korea Judo Foundation issued a press release on March 19, saying: "Documents demonstrating volunteer activities for physical athletes must be submitted directly to the Department of the National Athletics Promotion Agency. As a preventive measure, he will be exiled from the national team , as part of the current national team player, Anboul, 19. "" I decided to exclude him from the Grand Slam tournament in Osaka, scheduled to start at 21st. "
2016 Olympic induction from Liu The 66-pound silver medalist, An-Paul, is suspected to provoke volunteer time for PE athletes. Paul completed 544 hours of voluntary work from November 2016 until September this year. However, it is noted that documents supporting voluntary activity include suspicious circumstances. On the day of public training I volunteered at alma mater and volunteered until the end of the day before I left the convention.
The new military service law, which was adopted in July 2015, will require 544 hours of service in 34 months, along with a four-week military training program in which a male athlete who received the "Medal of Asian Asian Gold and the Olympic bronze medal. "Before that, there is no obligation to offer volunteers for physical athletes. However, with the implementation of the first system, gaps develop in management.
"The decision of disciplinary action against An-Paul will be decided by the Sporting Goods Committee on the basis of the supplementary data study and the results of the Military Labor Force Administration and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism."
At present, the Military Labor Administration and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism investigate the volunteer activity report of military and arts personnel.
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