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I do not want to borrow 25 million won from Gyeol Eun Sook … 4 months imprisonment sentenced to one year probation


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Singer Eun-sook (57) was sentenced to jail in the first fraud trial.

On July 22, chief investigator Chong Kyung-chan of Seoul condemned Guo, who was accused of fraud, four months in prison and a probationary year.

The judge said: "We agreed with the victim and considered the equality of sentences with other facts and deeds," the court said, who confessed that he testified the offense.

At the end of October 2014, Eun Sook is accused of borrowing 25 million loan earnings, provided he will pay two months later.

In addition to this fraud, two operators of live cafes in Jamwon-dong, Seoul, at the end of last year, were charged with the same accusations.

Gimun Sook debuted in 1979 with "Singing and Dancing" and the following year singer song "MBC 10" received a prize for beginners.

He debuted in 1982 and debuted as Enka's queen for seven consecutive years, from 1988 to 1994, with NHK's "Red and White Collecting" award.

However, in 2007, he was arrested for suspicion of having an incentive in Japan. After returning to Korea, Eun-sook, who was working outside the country, was sentenced to 1 year and 2 months imprisonment in 2016 for drug trafficking and foreign car fraud. In this process, a mother-in-law is adopted and a conspiracy to commit a fraud occurs.

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