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"I have a massage chair, 39 at a book cafe" … Eduard Will,


Photo = Eduard
Photo = Eduard
[베이비타임즈=이경열 기자] Eduyli, a global education company, has set up "Eduyun Train Station", a salon dedicated to employees and is popular.

Edewill's executive lounge, "Eduyun Train Station", is a place where you can enjoy simple snacks and drinks and talk to colleagues. We have also introduced two entertainment systems and an electronic dart gaming machine, "Gorilla Electronic Dot", to create a "Fun Fun" internal culture and to refresh our employees.

In addition, 39 advanced massage machines are available to relax your employees at lunch or break. On the other hand, there is also an executive library called "North Hills". Loans are also possible Many employees are visiting here to read and borrow books.

The name of the "Eduwil Station", which is a collection of all the elements of fun and relaxation of this kind, was meant to let employees relax when they were exhausted. In fact, the interior design is decorated as the second line station and is often mistaken as a gateway to subway line 2, and some people visit it.

Edewill is a comprehensive educational institution that has been officially certified by KRI Korea Archives for the highest number of successful applicants for two consecutive years. It was the first in the industry to receive official certification in 2017 and 2017. Korea KRI is a registration accreditation body that officially certifies Korea's excellent records and asks for certification examination on behalf of the US, EU (European) and other organizations certification of records from abroad, such as Asia.

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