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Kim Dong-yeon "" Second Economic Period Team "Hong Nam-ki –


Kim Dong-yeon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance, will speak at the Round Table on Economic Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship, which took place at the Smart Factory in the opening space of the new University College of Engineering Konkuk. Provide the information section
[이데일리 김형욱 기자] Economy Minister Kim Dong-yeon and Minister of Strategy and Finance, who led Moon Jae-in's first economic team, expressed strong expectations for the second economic team.

Kim Dong-yeon, Deputy Prime Minister, met with businessmen at Konkuk University in Seoul on April 13 and asked reporters to evaluate their successors. "We have a lot of talent and a strong impetus and many civil servants. I think I will do well."

Cheong Wa Dae named Kim as Deputy Prime Minister and appointed Kim Seo-hyun, former head of policy, replacing Kim Jong Il and Chung Hae-sung as police officers. Kim's one-year, five-month time is over.

Kim said: "Kim Su-Hyun, the executive director, knows well, I contacted him as soon as I received a job." He said, "There seems to be a misunderstanding in his expression as a heavy person in the press, he said, "a reasonable, flexible and humble person." "I think the second economic team will be a good combination," he added.

He said: "We both will do our best, but this can not be a sufficient condition for the success of politics." The media, the market and the political circle also urge them to make efforts to help them succeed. "

As to the disagreement with the cabinet secretary general, Kim said, "On the one hand, we should keep our opinion, and on the other hand, we talk about the other. It would be better if you do not have a bad person, but the difference is natural in keeping your opinion. "He said:" The goal was just like Jeong, but it's different from the method, "he added. "I think it was not bad because we had a productive discussion." He said, "Indicators will tell me, but I think it's because I did everything I did for a year and a half while doing everything I can." "I will do my best to set up the second economic team to work actively for the rest of the year." He said.

He met four party representatives, including Kim Sung-tae, the head of the Korean Liberal Party, and called for the budget cut of 470.5 trillion won for the 2019 budget (December 2nd). He also called for support for the tax law review. The top 20 countries (G20) in Argentina this month will continue their normal work. This is because it takes time for candidates to take the formal hearing after the hearing. He said: "I also instructed the executive committee, but next year's successor will come and take part in his philosophy."

He said: "The controversy over the current economic crisis is not professional," he said, as recent production, investment and employment indicators have deteriorated, and the economic crisis and the economic downturn have emerged. The economic crisis is about the financial crisis of 1997, the 2008 financial crisis and the fiscal crisis in Greece in 2011, but the current situation does not fall into this category. Also, the economic downturn is a negative growth in the second consecutive quarter.

Kim said: "It is said that the government is not aware of the economy, but it is not so." He said, "It is unfair to point out that there is a big gap between the government and the market in dealing with the weights and the measures to be taken." . "It is not desirable for policymakers to say that the crisis has an influence on the market," he added.

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