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LG Chem will provide UNICEF with new generation polio vaccines


Sign a contract with UNICEF to provide the next generation of the $ 80 million polio vaccine, Eupolio.

Researchers are working on the development of new drugs at the LG Chem Life Sciences Innovation Center

LG Chem will begin providing next-generation polio vaccines to address global public health issues for children.

LG Chem announced on January 7 that it had signed a contract with UNICEF, an international aid organization, to provide a total of $ 80 million (approximately 87 billion won) worth of “Eupolio” polio vaccines during 2021-2022, to solve the disease.

Eupolio is a next-generation vaccine that has undergone an additional process to chemically eliminate the pathogenesis of the virus by using a low-toxic virus and has greater safety benefits than conventional live vaccines (vaccines that use low-toxic live viruses). “

LG Chem received the world’s first pre-qualification (PQ) approval from the WHO at the end of December for the world’s first “Sabin IPV” vaccine and signed a large-scale supply contract in just three weeks, based on product excellence its.

LG Chem Eupolio Vaccine / Kindness LG Chem

The supply of vaccines will start next month in the Middle East, Africa and 70 countries in Southeast Asia.

Through this contract, LG Chem will supply more than 20% of UNICEF’s total procurement volume and will immediately become the supplier of UNICEF’s first 3 polio vaccine.

LG Chem intends to double its production capacity of Eupolio by 2022 to actively contribute to solving public health problems for children around the world.

“By establishing a global model of cooperation with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UNICEF, LG Chem will play an important role as a major global supplier of polio vaccines,” said Sohn Ji-woong, head of the bio-science business division.

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