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MK News – 150,000 people visit the Fort Knight stand … Waiting for Fort Knight Korea opening


Korea's epic games (CEO Sung Chul Park) announced on the 21st that visitors to the "G-Star 2018" site had about 150,000 people.

More than half of the 230,000 visitors to the J-Star 2018 site visited the Epic Game Booth.

The number of visitors is based on the number of people on the booth, the turnover over time, the number of prizes and the recipients of coupons and the number of participants at each event.

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Description of the imageVisitors to the Epic "Fort Knight" game at G-Star 2018. Epic Games announced in 21 years that 150,000 people visited the cabin.

"The 250,000 prizes we have prepared in advance have been exhausted early," he said. "Many people have visited the BEXCO exterior cabin, as well as the B2C exhibition booth and the Fortnight cabin installed in the Haeundae Sea."
Epic Games is a "festival venue" where you can enjoy booths not only for game demonstrations but also for llama rodeo, to choose games, to play cosplay, dance challenges and enjoy your friends, lovers and family. It was analyzed that he made a big deal.

Also, the event tournament, involving professional players and popular characters, seems to have played a role.

Game creators such as Crocodile, Fengwolite, Lee Tae Joon, Mirage, Daju, Seo Woong, Woo Jung Ying, Nugen, Gravity and Pak Lae, as well as players belonging to professional game teams such as C9_GANJi, KDH_godPa, WGS_Horde, TOP_Puzz and NGE.MAL HPDD. He led to the favor.

Meanwhile, Epic Games will hold "Fort Knight Korea Open 2018" on December 15 at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium.

Fort Nights top players in the world will compete with Korean players by winning a donation of 1 billion winners in total donations.

In particular, Korean players are crocodile crocodile creators, 10 selected tournament players, legends in electronic sports such as Hong Jin-ho and Yi-dong, sports stars such as Lee Seung-yeop and Gu- will also attend the ceremony .

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