Friday , March 31 2023

SK Wyverns appoints the new president of Son Cha-hoon


SK Wyverns announced on the 15th that he appointed former chief of staff of Son Chah-hoon (48, photo) the new head of staff.

SK Wyverns has appreciated that Hanshin is a baseball player with experience and front-end experience. He also has a good understanding of team leadership and direction and has a good reputation in the field of baseball.

SK Wyverns expects to create a synergy effect with the new director, Hyun Kyung Yeop, as Son Gang-jang acted as head of the operations team and demonstrated excellent communication with athletes and bosses.

"We will be more sensitive and glorious because we will take over the team we have played since our establishment" and added, "We will do our best to strengthen our prestigious club position in SK Wyverns."

On the other hand, the Son was a baseball pro-player on the Pacific Dolphins team in Incheon in 1993 and became infidious at Unicorns Hyundai and SK Wyverns until 2001. After completing his career, he entered the office club and served various positions in the SK Wyverns team and the Scout team. Starting with 2014, he managed the team.

Reporter: Bae Seung-jae /[email protected]

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