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Approve the powers of the 13th Saeima; Deputies swear by both Latgalians and Lithuanians / Article / LSM.LV


Lawmakers on Tuesday, November 6, approved the credentials of all 100 deputies of the 13th Saeima. Before the vote on the mandate, four members swore (a solemn promise) in Latgale, but Janina Kursite-Pakule (National Association (NA)) did so in Liv.

At the first meeting of the newly elected Saeima, the first voters were voted, as well as the temporary mandate, the Ethics and Submission Committee. At the committee meeting, committee members examined electoral materials and election complaints, if they were submitted to the Central Electoral Commission. The Commission has prepared a report to the Saeima on the approval of Members' prerogatives.

According to the committee's report, all 13 Saeima deputies swore (the solemn promise), and this was confirmed by their signature. Four deputies swore in Latgalia: Aldis Adamovičs (New Unit), Juris Rancans (New Party Conservative (JKP)), who concluded the third oath, Ilga Šuplinska (JKP) and Edmunds Teirumnieks (NA).

Kursite-Pakule made a vow in Liv, but, according to President Ināra Mūrniece (NA), he repeated his remark at the proclamation of the Latvian lecturer. Members of Parliament Ilze Indriksone (NA) have also made an oath for a parliamentarian.

Upon taking office, the MPs swear (solemnly promised): "I, assuming the duty of a member of the Saeima Group, swear faithfulness in Latvia to strengthen my sovereignty and Latvian language as the only state language to defend Latvia as a state independent and democratic in front of the people of Latvia, I fulfill my duties in good faith and in the best of my conscience. I commit to respect the Constitution and the laws of Latvia. "

After the solemn meeting, all 100 MPs voted in favor of approving the 13th Saeima mandates.

Following the solemn promise, Parliament approved the credentials of a member of the 13th Saeima for 23 members elected by the Armonia Party. The winner of the mandate was Janis Adamsons, Valērijs Agešins, Boris Cilevič, Sergey Dolgopolov, Vyacheslav Dombrovskis, Inga Goldberg, Nikolai Kabanov, Andrey Klymentyev, Ivan Klymentyev, Jan Krishan, Edgar Kucin, Regina Lochmeel-Luhnova, Vladimir Nikonov, Vitaly Orlov, Evija Papule , Igor Pimenov, Ivan Ribakov, Arturs Rubiks, Julia Stepanenko, Lyubov Svetsov, Janis Tutins, Janis Urbanovic and Ivars Zarins.

Saeima has approved the credentials of the 16 members of the KPV LV party – Iveta Bennane-Bekenai, Aldis Blumberg, Aldis Gobzems, Kaspars Girgins, Artus Caimiņš, Eva Krapanejs, Janina Kursīte, Linda Liepiņa, Ralams Nemiro, Ramon Petravičs, Ēriks Pucēns, Ivaram Pugam Karina Sprud, Didzim Schmid, Jan Wittenberg and Atim Zakatistov.

The mandate of the 13th Saeima was approved for the 16 members elected by the New Conservative Party – Dagmar Beatnerei-Le Gall, Jan Bordan, Uldis Budriķis, Gaith Eglim, Krisjanis Feldman, Jurim Juars, Tali Linkaitis, Anita Muizniece, Linda Ozola, Sandim Riekstins, Juta Strīķe, Ilgai Şuplinska, Evita Zalīte-Grosa, Rein Znotin and Normunds Zunnam.

The mandate of the 13th Saeima for the 13 members elected to the Parliament from the National Alliance "For All of Latvia" – for Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK – was approved by Janis Dombravam, Raivim Dzintars, Ilze Indriksone, Ritvars Jansons, Alexander Kirstenis, Rihards Kolam, Janina Kursite – Let's face it, Dace Melbourde, Ināra Mūrniece, Romāns Naudins, Inguna Ribena, Edvins Snoore and Edmunds Teirumnieks.

The mandate of the 13 Saeima deputies was approved by 13 members of the "Attīstība / Par!" Party Association – Mārtiņš Bondars, Ilmārs Dūritam, Marijas Golubevs, Inese Ikstens, Artim Pabriks, Daniels Pavluts, Arthur Tom Ples, Jurim Pūcs, Dace Rukšāne-Ščipčinska, Andris Skridems, Martins Stack, Vita Andes Steels and Inese Voika.

Also, 11 members of the Green Union and the Farmers – Uldis Augulis, Raimonds Bergmanis, Anda Čaksa, Gundars Daudze, Janis Duklavs, Janina Jalinska, Armand Krauze, Maris Kučinskis, Dana Reizniece-Ozola, Viktors Valainis and Janis Vucāns.

The term of the 13th Saeima was approved for eight elected members of the New Unit party unit. The mandates were won by Aldis Adamovičs, Arvils Aseradens, Andrejs Judins, Ojars Ēriks Kalniņš, Ainars Latkovskis, Inese Lībiņa-Egnere, Jānis Reirs and Edgars Rinkēvičs.

At the first meeting of the newly elected Saeima, President Saeima, President Saeima, two of his members, a secretary and his member, will also be elected by open ballot procedure. Prior to the election of the new President Saeima, the meeting is chaired by Mūrniece.

According to the Law of Cabinet of Ministers on equipment, with the resignation of the newly elected Saeima, it is considered that the Cabinet of Ministers has resigned, therefore, the session is concluded with a statement from the government on the establishment of its competencies. The current government will continue to carry out its duties until Saeima has expressed its confidence in the new Cabinet of Ministers.

Under Satversme of Latvia, the new Saeima meets on the first Tuesday of November, when the powers of the last end of Saeima.

From the 12th Saeima, 34 MPs were re-elected to the new parliamentary term, while 66 were new MPs.

In total, seven factions – Harmony, the New Conservative Party (JKP), the Association "KPV LV" and "Development / Par!" They will work in parliament. (AP), the National Association (NA), the Greens and Farmers' Union (ZZS) and the New Unit (JV) faction. The largest group – 23 members – will be "Harmony", JKP and KPV LV will be 16 members, AP and NA – 13, ZZS – 11 and JV – eight members.

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