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Cough that can not be cured by its own countries


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Pulmonary consolation is an acute illness characterized by a rapid onset – a person complains of fever, coughing, shortness of breath, weakness, and if treated at home, these symptoms do not exceed a few days. It is simply an inflammation of the lungs, which, under treatment, can lead to a fatal outcome. Why is anti-prolonged cough treated with special responsibility and how to avoid lung carcinoma, says pharmacist "Euroaptieka" Ieva Zvagule.

Coughs, chills, high temperatures up to 40 degrees, headaches and chest pain that will worsen during a deeper inhalation – these symptoms that do not disappear within a few days may indicate that the apparent cold is actually lung cartilage and common cough syrups will not be enough.

In case of lung carcinoma, it is imperative to seek medical attention because the only way to cure these diseases is to have antibiotics.

Of course, there are some cases where a person with strong immunity may not have symptoms, illness is easier and the body cope, but can not rely on, "warns Iva Zvagule, adding that if the disease is not held accountable, it can also be a fatal consequence, especially for young children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

Not only the lungs must be raised!

In the autumn, when there is a cold and humid period, different viruses are activated, causing respiratory and pulmonary diseases more often than in other seasons. Lung carcinoma is often a complication of cold, bronchitis or other diseases, especially because of pneumococcus – bacteria that are constantly on the mucous membrane of the airways. Although most people suffer from colds without complications, they should not be treated lightly.

Pneumonia is one of the most common diseases that people suffer from all ages. Lung carcinogen is also home to a healthy microflora, but under favorable conditions it breaks rapidly and causes inflammation of the lungs. "With each breath, a large amount of microorganisms is released into the human body. Inflammation occurs when one of the respiratory protective devices does not work as such or the number of micro-organisms is too high in this case, but the immune system is too weak to fight against them, "explains the pharmacist.

Such outbreaks of microorganisms are also untreated teeth, tonsils, nasal sinuses and other inflammatory sources. The special risk group is smokers whose lungs are already forced to withstand a huge task. Therefore, pharmacists are reminded that your health needs to be taken care of all the time. Cough syrup will not help cure stubborn amygens, which in turn can lead to other inflammatory processes in the body.

What can and should not be done with the comfort of your lungs

The most common symptom of lung carcinoma is cough, but this is not always the case. Similarly, in lung carcinoma, body temperature is likely to increase from 37.5 to 40 and even more. If this is a normal virus, the temperature will pass or at least decrease within four to five days. If this is not the case, you should definitely seek medical help. Your doctor will prescribe X-rays and blood tests to determine the reactive C-protein, which is usually a proof of bacterial inflammation and will apply antibiotic therapy.

But there are also things that can be done at home to get faster on the move. Pneumonia is a disease that needs to be resumed, but not necessarily in a hospital. If a person feels normal and the temperature is not very high, you can stay home. In any case, it is advisable to go home early because the lungs are better ventilated in the position they are in. The lungs can be ventilated, for example, when blowing balloons, helping to reduce sputum and preventing you from catching, but it is better to do it when a person is a little better.

Breathing exercises can also be performed several times in a row by inhalation and exhalation.

Make sure you also use lots of liquids to remove as much as possible from the body all excess – normal water and herbal teas, cranberry jerash and other natural substances that we normally use when we are cold will work.

However, what can in no case be done is the heating of inflamed places. In the case of lung worms, forget about the mustard patch, as heating may contribute to the formation of the stingles.

Better not get sick

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In order not to grow in the cold, it is very important to enhance immunity in a timely manner, using a vitamin-rich diet and high in vitamins and substances that favor immune enhancement such as blueberries, garlic and other valuable natural rewards. If necessary, you can enrich your diet with a complex of vitamins, various vitamins and nutritional supplements that improve immunity can be purchased at pharmacies. Make sure you have a lot of fluidity – this is important not only during summer heat, but also regular meals, regular physical activity and pretty much fresh air.

Ieva Zvagule remembers: "It is worth remembering the old, good truths – it is not advisable to stay in public places and participate in mass events during the virus, but it is desirable to regularly ventilate the premises, clothe your weather If you still get sick, it is imperative that you fully ventilate the rooms! However, it is best not to get sick at all, but if you have a cold, it is better to stay home for a few days and you regain health rather than play a hero, cough and sneeze to go to school or work, set yourself up in complications and meet others. Let's have a healthy and strong autumn! "

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