Saturday , January 23 2021

Deer and Usik – two fights at once and two different levels

Mairis Briedis will lead the fight in the quarter-finals at the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, following racing in Chicago to compete with the German army Noelu Gevor. A few hours ago, Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik, the only boxer to have won Bryde so far, will be on a tour of Manchester with the famous British Tony Belle, putting all four world championships on the table. Could it be the deck instead of Usika? It was possible. However, within a fraction of a year, the Deer made some small, yet visible steps, and at the moment this "could" turned out to be a good opportunity for a distant fantasy.

The fight between Mairi Bried and Oleksandr Usiku, which took place on the Arena Arena in January, turned out to be an extraordinary show that did not disappoint the audience and reaffirmed that Riga could hold boxing events at the highest level. After all, besides the fact that the Latvian favorite Briedis participated in the fight, he was sanctioned by the WBA and WBC titles, which legend of boxer Vitali Kliichko also chose to participate.

Deer and Usik, in a sustained rhythm, drew all 12 rounds in which Devil, with his chosen tactic, slowed down the Ukrainian star and made him feel uncomfortable in the ring. After the last gong, there were not enough Latvians who were ready to believe in a favorable decision of the judges, but Uisk was still recognized as superior. But equally, the recognition of Usika's victory is also to admit that Bried was just a little missed and that the difference was not great.

The Deer with the Usuci fought at the same time in the summer, when Death left the undercard fight, plus incredibly unconvincing, but still recorded on the bill another victory in favor of a notorious Frenchman from Delor. Usik, without the slightest variation, won Murat Gasyev in Moscow, becoming the absolute winner of the first champion of the group and Superseria.

At that time, it became clear that the Brotherhood promoters became Sauerland brothers, superstar organizers and certainly did not hesitate to include the already existing WBC champion Bryde in the Superseries second season, and Kalle Zauerlands publicly promised that Briedis would fight again soon – in half a year – for the title of champion. Now it is clear that they were just a dream castle. The dissatisfaction of Ala Siest, Brieza's former executive director, came to Bryce's attention, who responded directly to the end of October, releasing media outlets that did not ignore Sede's statement.

However, all the brilliant public image suffered as much as probably nothing else in his professional career, and his own point is whether he will be able to recover. In the Superstars' quarter-finals, there is no waiting for an unknown Frenchman who will probably never be heard in Latvia, but the 28-year-old Armenian boxer, Noel Gevors, representing Germany. Gevors lost his career in 24 fights only once – a year and a half ago, with a decision of several judges against Joshtof Vlodarczyk, who lost the boxing last season of the Superstar.

Betsafe sports betting odds boxing athletics shows that Briedim in this fight will be a huge favorite, and his loss is described as a very low probability. Death has a great chance to enter the Supersymmetry semifinals for the second consecutive year and is 100% clear that he will not have opponents this time.

But the magic of the original tournament was lost, because the universal champion in this weight category has already been clarified. The fact that Ulysses is likely to move to heavy and to leave the vacant positions in the championship will not change his status as champion. Betting predictions show that in the fight against the famous British Tony Belle, Ulysses will win, while boxers will undoubtedly point out that if Wilson succeeds in Bleu, he will be nominated for the title of annual boxer (for all categories weight), and in the future, Usika's intruder among the best weights of the world will be just a matter of time. This, in turn, will open the multi-million-dollar battle door against Anthony Joshua, Deontee Wilder and Thaison Fury, who will enter the largest box office market. If Briedim managed to find and use more individual details in January, even a few boxing minicomponents would beat Usuki and win another 1-2 rounds, probably now he would be Usika. But only "yes".

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