Wednesday , May 31 2023

Gold Bubble Shot / Day Brooch


The coin-giving coin closes the gold coin series of gold coins dedicated to Latvia's national anniversary celebrating Latvia's 100th anniversary. In November 2016, a flip-flap design coin was issued, in August 2017 a coin with a pendant recipe, but this year, this year's anniversary, the series is sealed with a special gold coin, which, according to the original historical design is embellished with crystals. A set of all three gold coins will be available for purchase.

For many centuries, the bubbling ladder was a luxury women's ornament with considerable value for its time and became part of the Latvian national costume. The Banat of Latvia's bubble-gold bullion will take a special place in the Latvian 100-year anniversary gift range as it will allow this historic event to be preserved as significant value not only in memory but also in gold , along with a cultural and historical experience.

Collection of coins Gold brooch Bubble head graphic design was made by Inguna Elere, but the plastic composition – Jānis Strupulis. Inguna Elere made the other bunch of coins. The history of the use of the proclamation on the territory of Latvia was started by various brooms from the Iron Age (1st and 4th centuries) – the so-called eye brows, tutzsakte, cross sweepings, stops and rounded holes with open wheels, intersections and fire reasons. The oldest brocades were imported, but soon the craftsmen began to make brooches themselves, reflecting local aesthetic and spiritual notions in their forms. Large and luxurious silver lamps, often gold-plated.

currency Gold brooch Bubble head manufactured Münze Österreich Aktiengesellschaft (Austria). According to the idea of ​​the artist Ingūnas Eļere, the disclosure of the coins on the coin reveals centuries old news, while the monuments lie on the back of the coin, marking the space we currently live in. Sakta talks about the old days in Latvian history, but the other side of the coin – today, how we communicate in the virtual environment, social networks, as we highlight topics of interest to us.

The price of the coin is at the bank of the bank in Latvia and at the e-mail address. en and 560 euros. The maximum circulation of a coin is 1000 copies. On November 8, the first part of the circulation will be sold – 400 copies.

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