Monday , September 26 2022

Governance of construction talks are controversial and chaotic / Article / LSM.LV


Government talks are controversial and chaotic, said Raivis Dzintars, co-president of the National Association (NA), in an interview with the Morning Panorama television program in Latvia.

The politician has shown that there are several points in the negotiation process where there are conflicts between the parties involved. One of them is the common organization of work. "Commission representatives must be appointed in Saeima by Thursday, but this has not started at all," Dzintars said. Government creators from the beginning can also be criticized for lack of communication. "NA is very tolerant, we strive to respect all, not to take into account subtle statements, but the one who will lead the next government should be a good psychologist." As soon as the organizers of the conversation are not satisfied with any nyanance or opinion, the economic groups are immediately called ", Dzintars admitted. The NA is also concerned about the attention of the new Conservative Party (JKP) on reforming security reform, the fact that some party leaders have been involved in this system.

"[Vēl] a question that appeared yesterday. The Finance Ministry yesterday said that [JKP] promises are not feasible. The organizers of the conversation have such an attitude: "Let's accept it, let's throw away the promise." This must be understood [sarunās] there are problems. "The road is narrow," Dzintars said at the same time, he chose to refrain from predicting whether Premier JKP Jān Bordāns (JKP) will succeed in creating the government, the UN co-president underlined that the goal is not to exports a fast government, but a stable one. .


Currently, five political parties are involved in government-building talks – New Party Conservatives (JKP), KPV LV, Development / Par, National Union and New Unit.

On Tuesday, after talks with officials from the Ministry of Finance, politicians perceived that the state budget will no longer have money next year to honor the promises already included in the draft government bill proposed by Prime Minister Bordan. "Development / For!" And the National Association believes that the government's declaration plan should be drafted because it can not make promises unfulfilled.

"It has to be said that this dream ship has hit the tax land," said Daniels Pavluts, Development / Forgotten politician.

The Ministry of Finance estimated that about 1.7 billion euros would be needed to implement the measures originally envisaged in the draft government declaration proposed by Prime Minister Jan Bordan. In addition to adding promises made by the government from the beginning, for example, to increase the salaries of doctors and judges, it is estimated that there are almost 2 billion euros to cover the commitments. A similar position was taken by the National Association after Tuesday's talks. His leader, Dzintars, expressed confidence that it would be irresponsible to include promises in the government's statement, which the government could not have done.

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