Thursday , June 1 2023

Mars's InSight cosmonauts will land on Monday / Article / LSM.LV


InSight's cosmic probe arrived at Mars and landed on the red planet Monday.

Project promoters say the biggest difficulty in this process could be the immense speed of the car.

"After the journey from Earth to Mars, the probe will enter the atmosphere of the planet at a speed of 12,000 miles per hour. This is a huge speed, and the task of a special system is to reduce it to 5 miles per hour at landing. it will take six minutes and will be the main event on Monday, "said NASA spokesman Rob Grover.

Researchers say the robot's probes will explore the depths of the red planet.

So far, spacecraft has collected geological samples from the surface of the planet, but during the new mission a drill of about five meters deep is planned.

On the surface of the planet there will be special devices that will provide information about the Earth's seismic activity.

The mission will take about two years, and scientists hope to better understand the early formation processes of the rocky planets, including the Earth.

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