Friday , September 30 2022

MS will encourage the issuance of international driving licenses in Latvia


The Ministry of Transport (MS) will encourage the issuance of driving licenses in Latvia, as reflected in the amendments to the Cabinet Regulation on the procedure for the acquisition and renewal of driving licenses and the procedures for the issue, exchange, renewal and destruction of a driving license.

MS explains that the number of Latvian license holders who want to use it privately or for work abroad, including in remote and exotic countries, is increasing recently. Latvian driving licenses are fully in line with both the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and the requirements of the European Union (EU) law of 1968, however, some States are required to produce international driving licenses, so the CSDD has called on individuals to start issuing such driving licenses.

In order to facilitate the use of Latvian driving licenses abroad, the amendments to the Regulation aim to start issuing an international driving license model, which would be voluntary and issued in addition to the existing national driving license.

The draft amendment to the regulations provides that an international driving license will be a paper (brochure) in paper form that will be issued in addition to a driving license under the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. They are due to start on 1 January 2020.

In addition, the amendments to the Regulation provide for the exclusion of clauses stating that the CSDD is required to submit a document certifying completion of a driving school as an electronic electronic exchange of information between drivers' schools and the CSDD regarding the persons who have completed the training.

To completely eliminate the possibility for Latvian people to change a fake or unauthorized driving license, the rule establishing the procedure for examining certificates issued abroad has been improved. The rules governing the procedure for restoring driving rights were also specified in cases where a person was forbidden from using the driving license or was deprived of driving rights.

The Memorandum of Understanding explains that the CSDD has appealed to people wishing to take a four-wheel moped driving test, so changes to the provisions include the possibility of separating the examination requirements according to the type of moped. At the same time, since the skills required to drive four-wheel mopeds differ from those required for the driving of two-wheel mopeds, the amendments to the Regulation provide for an additional code indicating that this person is authorized to drive only four-wheel mopeds.

Taking into account accidents during the driving test and encouraging motorcycle and motorcycle drivers to use appropriate clothing and footwear, regulatory projects require the use of special garments, gloves and shoes during the examination. This practice exists in most European Union countries.

On the other hand, the driving license for bicycles can be accepted at educational institutions.

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