Saturday , May 28 2022

Musician Pudniks: A hundred years of money is simply tidied and sneaked


The musician and producer Kaspars Pudniks expressed a clear opinion about the celebration of Latvia's celebration.

The musician of the portal has uncovered a critical view of huge spending, which brings together the celebration of the centenary of Latvia, including the celebration of the feast. As previously reported, the celebration of the centenary is 60 million euros. Festive fireworks will cost € 235,000 (excluding VAT).

"I do not understand how a hundred years can be celebrated if Latvia has been occupied most of these years. I also do not understand how a country that owes about 10 billion euros can be left with money," says Pudnik. "I'm ashamed at how much money is spent, but they were just beaten, but nothing will be a hangover tomorrow, and we will be able to go out again and ask again for Europe"

"I would like those who make these decisions to go to a hospital for the children of the Latvian children and say," Wait, forgive us, but we have no money for your treatment, but we have the money for drinking and for entertainment. "Tell the parents children's eyes! ", meaning recognizes the musician

The musician recognizes that November 18th will never be celebrated in the family, and this is an ordinary day.

"Leto, do not be naive – out of 60 million, 54 went in" straight pockets. "The rest of the world, like a scraped bone, was rejected by the people and the poor," a sure-fire musician.


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