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Ovečkina and Oshi Gate to Pittsburgh The fifth loss in a convertible – Hockey –


Sydney Crosby put the penguins in the middle of the first period, when he made the majority, winning the seventh goal of the season. He managed to strike at a sharp angle after the capitals' unused opportunity to throw the wheel in the area. However, although Penguin continued to attack a lot and scored almost twice as many goals as the match (42:22), Captain Breiden Holtbäy's goalkeeper remained the only goal.

In the middle of the second period, Capitals returned, gained a majority, and, like Pittsburgh, Washington made the team's biggest star with a sharp shot from a very sharp angle. They were the 235th goalkeeper of the NHL career from Aleksander Ovečkina, who helped him overtake Marcel Dion and take the eighth place on the list of the best players who play in the majority.

Capitals scored a goal just 76 seconds before the end, when Tiedey Oshi, after a painful attack, took the puck just when the free kick hit. It should be noted that during the match, Osh entered the cabin after a powerful technique, Yevgeny Malkin, but returned to the game to win the goal, while Malkin received a rejection until the end of the game.

Washington won the seventh victory in 14 games, while Pittsburgh failed to win in five consecutive matches at the start of the most successful season, averaging only 1.4 goals in this period. In the General Conference of the Eastern Conference, "Penguins" is on the ninth place, remaining behind the "saber" represented by Zemg Girgenson.

This is the gates of victory in the penultimate minute

The winner was Nashville's "Predator" who was still on his way. Nashville handed him the 12-3-0 score with a 4: 1 victory over Avalanche, with Colton Sison having a hat-trick. However, it should be noted that "Avalanche" did not have two winnings in this game.

Rates, on the other hand, cut the Flames series with four goals, with a 3: 2 lead. "Flames" attacked much more in the third period, and immediately afterwards, Raien Geclafs won the goal of Anaheim . Raymond Miller led 37 of 39 goals in Ducks Bay, saving the team at the end of the game.

The results of the NHL game

team Res.
Regional-Penguin 2: 1
Avalanche-Penguin 1: 4
Ducks-Flames 3: 2

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