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Sebastian O'Eee becomes the sixth WRC champion


Photo by Sophie Graillon

For the Australian WRC rally on the closing day, the athletes had to complete six rounds, a total of 84 kilometers. As predicted, in the afternoon of Sunday after Australia, the route was muddy and very slippery.

Latvala, who surpassed Andreas Mikelsen for 5.2 seconds, started the day with the best days. In the next round, Heidon Padon was the fastest, while Tanak slid and left the track, losing at least 20 seconds. This is the second place that has been lost for Latval teammate for five seconds.

Photo: TGR WRC

"When I got out of the road, the car got a reverse gear. The goal is to stay in front of Padon, but it will not be easy," Tanak said after the scene. Espoika Lapi, who continued the fight for fourth place with Mads Ostbergs, was the fastest in the 21st round.

Consequently, before the last three stages, the leader was Latvala, followed by Tanax (+5.0) and Padon (+19.6).

The three final stages were dramatic. In the 22nd stage, Noiville resigned the first time, breaking the rear wheel of the car, but Tanax, who was forced to withdraw, entered point 23. This meant that the stage before the end of the -the sixth WRC champion became Ojier.

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At the end of the power stage, Oji was the fastest, but Latvala, who won the WRC last time in the WRC in 2017, was the winner. Padson finished second, but the third was Ostbergs Mad, who admitted it was a difficult rally after two months on the couch without passing the tests.

Consequently, WRC first won Ozier (219), followed by Noiville (201) and Tanaka (181). The Toyota team provided them with the manufacturer.

Rally results:

WRC overall score:

1. S.Zzje 219

2. T.Noivil 201

3. O. Tannak 181

4. J. M. Latvala 128

5. E.Lapi 126

6. A.Mikelsen 84

The WRC manufacturer

1. Toyota 368

2. Hyundai 341

3. M-Sport 324

4. Citroen 237

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