Wednesday , January 27 2021

Tesla appoints a new Chairman of the Board of Directors

Robina Denhol, the finance director of Telstra's Australian telecoms company, was named chairman of the board of directors of the US electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla Motors.

Īslons' mask, former chairman of Tesla's board of directors, left office in October for misleading investors.

Denhol's appointment as chairman of Tesla's Board of Trustees will come into force immediately, but Telstra will work for another six months because of his employment contract with an Australian company to leave his job to warn six months in advance.

The Denhlmann Tesla Board of Directors has been in operation since 2014.

As announced, in agreement with the US financial market regulator, Tesla and Mask in October agreed to pay a fine of $ 40 million in total and Mask agreed to move away from the president of the board of directors regarding misleading investors with false advertisements about their intention to give up listing of the company's shares. The position of President Tesla Mask Board of Directors, who is the founder of the company, can not hold at least three years.

The mask retained the company's leadership position.

Denhol has also worked in other technology companies, including Juniper Networks and Sun Microsystems, as well as Toyota Toyota.

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