Sunday , April 18 2021

The cosmetics factory “Dzintars” will continue to work with a new brand

The “Dzintars” cosmetics factory will continue to work with the “HA Brieger” brand. On Friday, January 8, the corresponding changes were made in the Enterprise Register, changing the legal name of SIA “Dzintars Production” to SIA “HA Brieger”, informs the company.


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At the same time, the SIA branch “HABrieger” “Dzintars Production” is registered. Like SIA “HABrieger”, the legal address of the branch is located at 30 Mālu Street, Riga. The only official of the newly registered branch is Anastasia Udalova, who is authorized to represent the trader in the activities related to the branch, as well as to fully represent the branch in all aspects related to its activities. Udalova is also the only official of SIA “HABrieger”, according to “Lursoft”.

Cosmetics under the brand “Dzintars” will arrive on store shelves in March this year, company representatives predict, if the spread of Covid-19 and state restrictions will not significantly affect the company’s operations. The first products that will be available to consumers will be body care products – lip balms, shower gel, body and hand creams, as well as liquid soap. The range of “Dzintars” products available to consumers will be gradually expanded.

“The origins of Dzintars cosmetics can be traced back to 1849, when Heinrich Adolf Bruger founded a soap and perfume factory in Riga, which later became one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Latvia in three generations. and we carefully design products for the dynamic world of our time. We will start with “Dzintars” products, gradually creating new product lines with new brands “, explains the manager and co-owner of HA Brieger, Anastasia Udalova.

“When we worked on the development of Dzintars products, we paid special attention to products that were as natural as possible, but at the same time available to the general public. Our goal is at least 94% natural ingredients in the product, so that people do not have to choose between price and naturalness “, explains Udalova. emphasizing that the “Dzintars” product line will keep the previous price category – available to the general public.

The shareholders of HABrieger are JSC Daugavpils Lokomotīvju remontas rūpnīca (67%) and SIA Asko R (33%), while the real beneficiaries are Anastasija Udalova and Oļegs Osinovskis, according to Lursoft HABrieger was registered in 2006. under the name SIA “Instruments”, which was changed to SIA “Dzintars Production” in October last year. It should be noted that with the change of name, its field of activity has also changed. The 2019 report also identified the manufacture and repair of tools and equipment as the company’s core business.

The company says HA Brieger currently has nearly 40 employees. The number of plant employees is expected to be gradually increased by expanding and increasing the scope of operations. The largest shareholder of the cosmetics manufacturer HA Brieger is the Estonian industrial production company Skinest Group, which works in ten countries and has over 1,400 employees. Skinest Group owns 67% of HA Brieger, while Anastasia Udalova owns 33%.

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