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Abulhassan: Some politicians raise interest


At the second meeting of the Youth Dialogue at the invitation of the Progressive Youth Organization, Democratic Assembly member Hadi Abulhasan deployed the B Safe Guidance and Awareness Campaign on the immediate and future dangers facing young people, news reported to the Joint Administrative Division were numbered 5236. He also distributed a bracelet with his objective slogan: Be Brave But B Safe.

"The main goals of the association are to raise awareness of the dangers of driving speed and addiction in its various forms of smoking, alcohol and drug-abuse, as well as dependency on socializing sites and guide young people to healthy and positive thinking. " fruitful.

In politics

Regarding politics, Deputy Abulhassan stressed that "the real dilemma for all the problems in Lebanon is in the sectarian political system," recalls Kamal Jumblatt, "sectarianism is the cause of the evil in Lebanon." He said: "The teacher has developed the mechanism of healthy change of patients in the Lebanese political system to achieve a society of justice and efficiency, which is the separation of state religion and the establishment of the Senate and the development of a non-sectarian citizen of modern electoral law become a follower of a true citizen chosen according to his program and public interest, "Continuing the struggle to achieve his constructive dream."

He stressed that "the democratic reunion works according to the teacher", the political official who looked at the principle and identified the reality around the demand "to fit the reality and desired in the show", mentioning that they put "the titles of the struggle to achieve ":

1 – Formation of the National Commission for the elimination of political sectarianism, in preparation for its abolition.

2. To legislate for a modern law for parties on a national, non-sectarian basis

3. Constitution of the Senate

4 – Adopt a law for parliamentary elections at national level and correct and modern standards and elaborated outside the sectarian restrictions

5. Extended administrative decentralization

6. Adopt an optional civil law for personal status

7 – orientation towards a productive agricultural community

8. Civil Code of Personal Status

9 – the implementation of administrative decentralization that achieves a balanced development.

Abulhassan stressed that "the fastest and most effective solutions to come out of the repeated Lebanese crises consist in the achievement of these titles," stressing that "progressive vision is incompatible with the reality we are confronted with by reticence in annoying regime through a sterile law on employment disrupting official functions for the absence of Numeric sectarian representation! ".

He asked, "Is not it wrong to have vacancies in Air Traffic Control Centers at Rafik Hariri International Airport and in many state institutions and administrations because the condition of sectarian representation is not fulfilled?"

"Progressive thinking puts leaders and institutions at the service of men, not the other way around," he said. "The party comrades do not change the direction of the struggle, no matter how the circumstances have changed from the time of the teacher, through the poor conditions to the present." He said: "The battlefields could change but one purpose and the teacher's dream will remain in us and will earn no matter how long. "

Religion, unemployment and quotas

Regrettable "of Lebanon's bitter reality, which is not capable of forming a government in the midst of the quarrels of 18 communities, interacts with the regional environment and international centers at a time when public debt reaches 100 billion and increases the unemployment rate 38% And with the country that suffers from the migration of the best youngsters, Some political parties are interested in "this is for you and it is for me as if you were to share the prey in a country on the verge of bankruptcy."

He said: "In the face of this reality, we are in the development of local solutions and we are trying to improve the productive cycle by motivating young people for university projects in cooperation with leading institutions and planning in this area, in cooperation with small project donors who grow automatically to stimulate the economic cycle and the movement of domestic production, Self-sufficiency, "promising that" there will be dedicated orientation meetings in this area, especially as some projects start to achieve results. "

He stressed the "importance of young people moving away from the necessary specialties in the new labor market", calling for "choosing the necessary specialties, including agricultural engineering, healthcare and other occupational sectors that offer employment opportunities for the younger generation", highlighting the incentives " Progressive "Walid Jumblatt Institute of University Studies, which offers thousands of scholarships and student assistance each year.

Progressive position

He explained to those who ask about the "progressive" ally in the midst of political conflicts that the "Progressive" chose a firm alliance with the interest of the homeland and the citizen and not with the parties and the people so that they join in a case with a team and do not agree with him in "Underlining" the good relationship with all political parties for the benefit of Lebanon. "

He said: "We have reform goals as a fight against corruption inside the Authority, not from the outside, because the experiences of the foreign opposition have proven their failure to counter files without discipline or sergeant.

In response to a question about the party's position on authority and accusing it of participating in this quota and of the party's ministerial representation, Abulhassan said that "anyone who represents us a democratic madman and a party is not the person he wears, the program it carries out and implements to meet or disagree with political parties according to the political address and content of the case. "

Abizaid: "We focus on the content of political action and performance, not on labels and people, and we are proud to be the voice of strangeness in the face of corruption."

I am proud to belong to the reformed progressive party of Kamal Jumblatt, who fought since 1946 and produced youth movements, founded and supported the founding of trade unions, worked with peasants and workers and resisted people's problems.

He said to the young people, "We are putting things with you in all transparency and sincerity, and we are talking to you with our preoccupation not to pull the country into injuries."

He added: "This party is the core of youth and civic mobility, and our youth in the youth organization was the pinnacle of the struggle, but we rejected the slogan" Kalan Kallan, "who has no respect for the honorable and we have withdrawn because we do not accept to be a journey for anyone This does not mean that we are not on the side of people, but we confirm the reality in the exercise of the power struggle, if the real confrontation to prevent smuggling of offers.

He stressed that "we are not dictators, but we believe in constructive and productive dialogue, and we try to find common denominators with you and we strive to develop solutions with all the openness", stressing "respect for youth involvement in political action and pursuing its just demands ". You have a right to ask ourselves about our performance and we have to make mistakes, but we suffer like you because of the dilemma of a sectarian system that hinders the wheel of a real reform, and here is the real problem of reform and here I am telling you. Frankly, this electoral law, which amends me with parliamentary access, is catastrophic for the country by programming people's minds on sectarian and religious matters away from the right constructive choices. "

Education and Citizenship

Progress has been made in this short period of time with two proposals: the first is "free compulsory education" to protect official education and promote the role of the Lebanese university and the official professions, and the second is the "Lebanese Citizenship Act". "The martyr professor laid the foundations of the modern law of the Lebanese nationality, because of the obstruction of the sterile sectarian system."

He stressed "the right of the Lebanese mother to grant her citizenship to her children," highlighting the "social crises suffered by Lebanese women because they have not obtained Lebanese citizenship because their mothers have been deprived of the right to pass their citizenship as developed and civilized countries."

Problems and solutions

He highlighted the issues of sanitation, detention and housing for the younger generation and seeking solutions in cooperation with the Druze Board of Druze Almohads and discussing the Lease Lease purchase law to relieve the burden on young people by "noting" the completed projects in Shuwaifat and Rashaya, Zone in the near future, "highlighting his decision to make the promised projects, including the Metn highway, to facilitate the arrival of the Metn youth in the capital in 20 minutes.

He concluded with the greetings of the young people, praising their participation and aspirations. He praised the "sons of fighters in the village of Khraibah and all comrades loyal to the blood of martyrs and completing the patience and persistence of the battle march," stressing "continuing the teacher's approach, no matter how difficult the conditions and obstacles are," and promised to renew the meeting.

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