Wednesday , May 31 2023

Egyptian stock exchange lost 16 billion pounds during trading last week


Egyptian stock exchange losses last week of about 16 billion pounds to reach market capitalization of company shares of about 763.6 billion pounds.
The EGX70 index fell 0.9% to 687 points, the EGX30 fell by 0.50% to 13675. The EGX70 index declined by 0.81% to reach 1724 points.
The weekly report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange showed that the decline in the value of transactions to reach £ 5.8 billion through the circulation of 194.1 billion paper, executed on 121 thousand operations.
Egyptian investors accounted for 59.6% of total market transactions, while foreign non-Arab foreign investors accounted for 14.95% and Arabs for 25.9%, excluding transactions.
Foreign non-Arab foreign investors posted net sales of ROL 231.8 million and Arab investors net sales of EGs 183.18 million after excluding transactions.
He concluded that the total value of bond transactions was £ 246 million, and the total volume of bond transactions amounted to approximately 243,000 bonds.

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