Wednesday , May 31 2023

Food relieves the consequences of the discontinued menstrual cycle


Women who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have fewer physical and psychological symptoms associated with menopause than those who eat sweets and fats between meals, a study found.

The study included 400 menopausal women from eating habits, how often they experienced symptoms such as high temperatures and night sweats and problems with the muscles, joints and bladder.

The researchers identified three different types of foods, one of which includes diets for some women, many fruits and vegetables, and the second one includes mayonnaise, oils and sweets, while the third group preferred to eat different types of fatty foods meals.

The researchers shared the participants based on these patterns and found that women who ate the largest amount of vegetables and fruits felt the effect of menopause was much lower on physical and mental health.

Instead, researchers found that women who ate the largest amount of fatty foods had more sense of menstrual cycle symptoms that affect their quality of life and their physical and mental health.

"Fat-rich diets and sugar contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, especially saturates and trans fats, and a relatively small amount of fiber," said Getty Stoudie of Tehran's University of Medical Sciences and lead author of the study .

All this can raise the level of vital signs of inflammation and body weight, all associated with menopausal symptoms, Stoudie told Reuters.

On the other hand, low-fat fruits and vegetables are a good source of micronutrients and antioxidants, helping the body to reduce inflammation and maintain healthy weight during menopause. "

"Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which can alter estrogen metabolism and reduce volatility in levels, all of which limit the symptoms," she said.

Obesity, lack of activity, smoking and alcohol consumption are all associated with increased menopause symptoms, the researchers said in their study published in Menopause.

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