Thursday , March 30 2023

Gun, cannabis and knife … A three-person robbery ring in Zahle


According to the General Directorate of "Internal Security Forces," "Recently there have been several theft of shops by breaking and dismantling and armed robbery in the city of Zahle and its surroundings.

As a result of investigations and investigations by the Internal Security Force Intelligence Division, the identity of the gang members was identified and arrested on 15/11/2018 in Bar Elias:

– a. H. (Born in 1994, Palestinian)

– x. H. (Born in 1990, Palestinian)

– a. G. (Born in 1996, Syrian)

They got a gun and a knife used in robberies, as well as a quantity of cannibals. He interrogated them, confessed that he stole shops in the city of Zahle and in his neighborhood with other people. The investigation shall continue under the supervision of the competent judicial authority and arrest activities of the rest of the gang are carried out. "

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