Wednesday , May 31 2023

How will the weather be at the end of the week? Al Manar Canal – Lebanon


The meteorological department of the Civil Aviation General Department predicted that the weather in Lebanon on Sunday will be low clouds, with high temperatures and low humidity, becoming cloudy in the afternoon with high clouds.

– General state:

A stable weather dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean in the coming days.

* The expected weather in Lebanon:

– Saturday: Partly cloudy with high clouds, with little change in coastal temperature, as it rises slightly inside and on the mountain. A local mist is formed in the mountain area and we warn against ice on mountain roads over 1800m during the night and early in the morning.

– Sunday: Few clouds with high temperature and low humidity turn the afternoon into cloudy clouds.

– months: Partly cloudy to cloudy, with occasional high and moderate clouds, with a further increase in temperature and a further reduction in humidity.

– Expected temperatures ranging On the coast Between 10 and 23 degrees, Over the mountains Between 7 and 14 degrees, In rice Between 1 and 8 degrees interior Temperatures vary between 6 and 17 degrees.

– Wind: Northeast to the east, speed between 10 and 30 km / h.

– Resignation: Good on the coast, average at a local level on the mountains.

– Relative humidity on the coast: Between 50 and 70%.

– Marine status: Small wavefield

– Water surface temperature: 23 ° C

– Atmospheric pressure: 768 mm Hg.

Source: SMD

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