Wednesday , May 31 2023

Jannat saves himself from criticism


Moroccan artist Jannat returned to the art scene with more than one song, the most recent of which was her new song "Ente El Sensation" after a period of absence on the music scene.

And he is preparing for another lyrical work that is also in the Egyptian dialect, is the work he is preparing for him in the current period to put it before the end of this year, after the decision to postpone the new album for mid-next year.

Through Naw, we reveal some of the criticisms he has recently made at Jannat, as well as the fact that he has undergone cosmetic surgery over the past few days.

The Moroccan dialect

Some of the Moroccan audiences have attracted more criticism of the past because of their constant conversation in the Egyptian dialect, in addition to presenting most of their songs and the Egyptian dialect.

However, Jannat denied in his personal statements that he spoke deliberately in Egypt, because he was born in Egypt after marriage, became an Egyptian speaker, and for her is an honorable image of his country, Morocco, wherever he goes. Whether it is Egyptian, Lebanese or English.

The beauty process

Although known for its natural beauty since its appearance, it is said to have made a facelift since its last shooting session, during which it promoted the latest Ente Sensation song, especially after millions of viewers watched YouTube on the spot. She does not need a facelift at this time, and she just has to change her hair color slightly to change her look.

Sources have confirmed that they are not against cosmetic operations at the right age in order to preserve their original features without becoming a copy of anyone.

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