Wednesday , September 28 2022

Kourouani's response to cement companies … Fadia Daaboul – North Ambassador


The ecological issue of cement companies as well as the progress of environmental issues related to cement companies on all other issues and problems in the region This crisis draws considerable attention from the current and former members of Koura, the parties, the Union of Municipalities of Koura and municipalities, This field.

This alert is translated into meetings and seminars that continue at all levels to push cement companies to comply with laws and regulations in place to reduce environmental pollution, harm and dangers to humans, and natural distortion.

Which led to the convening of a coordination meeting at the center of the Union of Municipalities of Koura, with the representatives of the current and former Koura and the municipalities, in order to draw up a roadmap for the next phase of the judiciary, open to all options.

There are three main tracks to be followed: the judicial track, the media track, and the popular and political route. In the formation of the government, the participants will go together to visit the President of the Republic, the President of the House of Representatives, the prime minister and the ministers involved, to present environmental issues and claim the rights of the region.

It was past ended with sporadic sites, intermittent meetings and seminars, after the crisis was in crisis. Having started working on the preparation of court files and requested a press conference to announce the next steps and moves. In this respect, agreements with companies are no longer included, and the draft agreement, which has already been discussed between the Ministry of Environment and Enterprise and the Union of Municipalities of Koura Tuit, no longer satisfies Korean aspirations and offers no solutions and solutions.

There is no doubt that pollution has reached the zero point according to environmental observers. Which makes the Alkoura-colored pollution measure red and does not work for several hours.

"All the solutions to the ecological crisis of Kuran are summarized in the application of cement companies to the law on environmental protection and the decree on the organization of quarries and crackers and the law of the Supreme Council for Environmental Protection", stressed "all judicial actions, Apply the companies to the laws. So there is no reason or reason for that. "He expressed his full confidence" in the judicial system in protecting and protecting the rights. "

"This battle will end with victory, restoration of the law and enforcement of the law," said Bou Karim.

Environment researcher and activist dr. Naji Qudaih highlighted at a symposium organized by the Koura branch of the Lebanese Communist Party in Najda al-Sha'a baa center on the dangers of cement companies that had been watching them since expert in the Ministry of Environment. Describing the village and mourning the marshal's model of the absence of urban planning and overlapping residential areas with industrial areas, with resulting health and environmental disasters and reaching record numbers. Putting responsibilities for environmental issues across Lebanon to governments and successive parliaments.

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