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Lebanese government in a whirlwind | Al Anbaa newspaper


Beirut – Omar Habanjar

The Lebanese government, which is about to come to power and the Crown everywhere in Lebanon, and its number yesterday exceeded all expectations, reaching five thousand wounded, so it will continue the situation in this way, despite the fact that US President Joe Biden has passed all the barriers of his electoral rival, Donald Trump?
Political suffocation, linked to the outbreak of the epidemic, characteristic of the Lebanese situation, with the beginning of the new year, a glimmer of hope appeared with the initiatives of the Maronite patriarch Bechara Al-Rai to reconcile the people of power, the owners of the presidential settlement, and we will discover after Michel’s visit Aoun to Bkerke The conciliatory Maronite patriarch and, from his extended role in politics, the presidential visit to Bkerke was to congratulate the holidays and at the same time draw limits for pastoral actions!

The OTV channel, which spoke for the Free Movement, quoted Hariri sources as saying that the idea of ​​reuniting Presidents Aoun and Hariri, based on reconciliation, would bring Hariri’s proposal for the government closer to Aoun. This would lead to the birth of the government within 24 hours, based on Hariri’s belief that a government ready to work should be composed of 18 independent ministers, without a blocking third party for any party and without a single party. to control the ministries of security, and this silk vision is irreversible.

The information disclosed varied if the sponsor’s proposal complied with the invitation of the President-elect to Bkerke following the arrival of President Aoun. Baabda sources say President Aoun was surprised by the idea. It is the meeting with Hariri again as soon as possible, given that the conditions and counterconditions are not compatible with the gravity of the conditions in Lebanon and that the meeting must take place in Baabda and, if not possible due to the interruption of direct communication, Bkerke is ready to host the meeting, as mentioned by the MTV channel, She added that the Patriarch prefers to meet in Baabda and not in Bkerke, because it is not desirable to organize a political meeting in a religious edifice to solve a constitutional problem .

This information coincides with what later sources told Al-Anbaa that Prime Minister Saad Hariri was sitting in the central house, waiting for a phone call from Bkerke, when Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived in Bkerke, which means that the idea is prepared in advance, regardless of the position of those who previously denied knowledge.

Meanwhile, President Aoun received the President and members of the Constitutional Council and told them that “the role of the Constitutional Council is not limited to monitoring the constitutionality of laws, but also to interpreting the constitution in accordance with the reforms mentioned in the national agreement document approved in Taif.” .

The sponsor sent former minister Sajaan Al-Qazzi later to the Wasat House, where he placed Prime Minister Hariri in the atmosphere of what happened in Bkerke.
From all the above it is clear that the opposition team, not only President Aoun nor his son-in-law Gebran Bassil are ready to present the governmental achievement to Patriarch Al-Rahi, who does not meet with Hezbollah on the same word, apart from diplomatic speeches.

During the discussion on diplomacy, diplomatic circles noted that the presidential palace did not extend the traditional invitation to ambassadors and heads of Arab and foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Lebanon to meet with President Aoun at the Presidential Palace on New Year’s Day or consular corps who met him. at another time and it seems that the consideration was excluded. This annual meeting is due to the Coronavirus and also to the absence of most ambassadors and businessmen from Lebanon.

Yesterday, the number of crown injuries in Lebanon reached five thousand, and this is a new record development.

The Ministry of Health also indicated that 4,774 cases were injured, including 43 from abroad and 13 deaths, bringing the death toll from this epidemic to 1553.
Yesterday’s Crown victims included Patriarch Al-Rai’s brother, Shukri Al-Rai, and President Nabih Berri and caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab called on Patriarch Moazez.

Official figures indicate that the number of inmates in intensive care beds in hospitals has reached 517, which means that there are no more vacancies and 200 beds are needed as soon as possible, while some private hospitals refuse to receive patients. Crown for non-payment of their financial contributions from the Ministry of Finance.

Meanwhile, the percentage of adherence to the general closure has fallen, and movement has returned to some neighborhoods of cities and regions and the failure of many mosques to comply with the endowment instructions banning Friday prayers in mosques at a time when van transport it was added to the sectors excluded from the closure commitment, which turned the government’s decision into a simple A symbolic procedure due to the needs of the people and the absence of government alternatives.

On the other hand, security incidents have increased, especially armed robbery, killing and theft of all kinds. Two days after the two brothers Shehadeh and Ibrahim Jaafar were shot by thieves who intercepted them on the Hermel hills, a citizen was killed in the town of Akkaria who worked for a chicken farm after stealing 14 million pounds which he gathered from the farm’s customers.

Intelligence man Charbel Naima was killed in Farzol (Bekaa) in a clash with kidnappers claiming to be money changers on the black market after one of them, Ali Jaafar, was killed while a night clash between the information system and motorcycle thieves in the Salam district of the southern suburbs.

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